Shoshin Sunday #42: Bringing it back to Sunday

One of the crazy things about what I do is how many different hats I wear within the same week.

I have freelancing, my own writing, the podcast, editing other people’s work, and half a dozen other things.

Despite this, I work around 6 hours a day! I’m so focused when I work that I need the other parts of the day free to relax and socialize.

Most of my best ideas come when I’m resting! Make sure you give your mind enough time to recover if you switch context regularly.

Screw the 100 hour week mindset.

I’ve brought this message back to where it started on Sunday because I hope it’s something you can enjoy whilst lazing around rather than when you’re busy on a workday. :)

My best stuff this week:

Mindful & Driven podcast with Andrew Gold - presenter of BBC Documentary Exorcism: The Battle for Young Minds.

7 Subscriptions to Increase Your Productivity and Organization

How Being Understanding Not Kind Will Help You To Find Balance

Why A Billionaire Entrepreneur Is Boxing A Former Heavyweight Champion

This week’s book recommendation:

Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini
If you can’t relate to the people in Afghanistan right now, read this.

Something random:

Bhangra Dance Video Bomb
I guess most people don’t know that I’m a dancing beast. Now you do.