Shoshin Sunday #43: Health > Deadlines

I had a mini-argument with a friend this week.

She scratched her eye and her doctor told her to rest it as much as possible.

Yet she wouldn’t take time off work because she had a project deadline.

I had the same attitude when I worked in tech consulting but see how mad it is now!

Why risk damaging your eyes for an arbitrary deadline?

Maybe you’ve worked when deep down you know you should be resting.

Think about what you’d tell your best friend to do and do that instead!

My best stuff this week:

My Mindful & Driven podcast episode with Rachael Kable, the host of The Mindful Kind, a podcast with over 20k listeners every week!

The 4 Productivity Tools That Run My Life and Businesses

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This week’s book recommendation:

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie

He’s more famous for How To Make Friends And Influence People but I found this one way more practical.

Something random:

A TED talk by a super-smart 7-year-old!