Shoshin Weekly #18 by Amardeep Parmar

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my newsletter and thank you to everyone who shared with their friends last week. Here are 7 things I think will add value to your life this week:

  1. Rihanna broke Twitter. If you don’t know why, what are you waiting for?

  2. Sixth Sense is one of those all-time great films. I found M. Night Shyamalan’s interview with Guy Raz fascinating.

  3. I chatted to Joel Primus this week who founded a NASDAQ company. He struggled with insecurity but lives far more mindfully now.

  4. A former Karate student of mine wrote his first ever story about how his autistic son adapted to lockdown. Would be great if you could show him some love!

  5. Coronavirus has got a lot of people thinking about their careers. Here’s 3 tips to help make transitions less painful.

  6. Here’s probably the most vulnerable piece I’ve written so far about why I punched the walls at dance class.

  7. Scientists discovered the smallest ever reptile this week. Yes, it’s cute.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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