Shoshin Weekly #3 by Amardeep Parmar

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my third newsletter, thank you to everyone who shared with their friends last week! Here are 7 things I think will add value to your life this week:

  1. One thing I’d love to clear up today is the Japanese concept of Ikigai. It’s about the everyday joys rather than searching for a life purpose.

  2. People often idolize billionaires and their quirks, I took a different approach and exposed some of the crazy productivity habits you shouldn’t follow.

  3. Saturday was World Mental Health Day, here are 59 small ideas to improve your mental health from psychologist Nick Wignall.

  4. This week I binge-watched Our Man In Japan which was a great insight into different parts of the country with lots of laughs along the way from James May.

  5. A podcast that stood out this week was Joe Wicks’s interview with Jo Malone. She bounced back from a terminal cancer diagnosis to continue spreading happiness.

  6. A reminder from author Jordan Gross to not let work get in the way of the important things in life.

  7. With Halloween canceled this year, try out the book version of Stephen King’s The Shining for your goosebumps.

Thank you for reading. Every week I’m going to dedicate this to someone and this week it’s Michael Thompson, who brought me on board as an editor at Entrepreneur’s Handbook. His kindness is a huge part of any writing success I’ve had!

Have a wonderful day!

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