Shoshin Weekly #33 by Amardeep Parmar

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my newsletter and thank you to everyone who shared with their friends last week. Here are 7 things I think will add value to your life this week:

  1. 5 simple breathing techniques to help you deal with everyday stress.

  2. I appeared on Thoughts From Limbo talking about how I find meaning in what I do. (Apple/ Spotify)

  3. I was also interviewed on my friend Zulie Rane’s YouTube channel about quitting my job.

  4. Hector Quintanilla kindly reached out to give me a pep talk, here’s a beautiful story about the happiest moment of his life.

  5. Tim Denning has also quit his job to go full time with his writing and it was great to have a long chat with him. Here are 13 ways he changed his life in a year.

  6. Did you know Warren Buffett considers Berkshire Hathaway a $200bn mistake? Nice to know even those at the top have made dumb decisions.

  7. Rafi-ki is my new favorite SoundCloud account for music to listen to while I work. I don’t know them but a new superfan!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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