Shoshin Weekly #38: Podcast announcement

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to announce that next week I am launching the Mindful & Driven podcast. I will be talking to a wide variety of guests about how they manage to find balance in their lives. It’s about how to chase your goals but not lose sight of what’s important along the way.

I’ve struggled with this in my own life and I want to help others who are going through similar situations. Follow my Instagram for trailers over the next few days.

Here are 7 things I think will add value to your life this week:

  1. 7 ways I’m going to measure my entrepreneurial success other than money because I don’t want to go from one hamster wheel to another.

  2. Why I quit my job rather than return to the office. (It’s because I actually enjoy going to the office)

  3. I’m currently reading my friend and TEDx speaker Jordan Gross’s What Happens In Tomorrow’s World. He uses storytelling beautifully to look at the future with hope.

  4. 5 things worth spending the money on for serious entrepreneurs. I’m no longer as young as I once was and think these items are well worth the money for my wellbeing.

  5. Two of my favorite podcast hosts came together when Jay Shetty interviewed Guy Raz.

  6. Choosing music for my podcast was a nightmare. I loved Mona Wanderlick’s channel for peaceful music with hip-hop beats.

  7. This article by Mark Manson was very thought-provoking for me. We often blame social media for our problems but what about if it’s more in our control than we like to admit?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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