Shoshin Weekly #7 by Amardeep Parmar

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my seventh newsletter, thank you to everyone who shared with their friends last week! Here are 7 things I think will add value to your life this week:

  1. We praise people for working hard too easily rather than people living what they define as their best life. I wrote about how Tim Ferriss’s simple formula can help.

  2. I loved listening to Dan Harris (author of 10% Happier) on the Tim Ferriss show. He went from being a diehard skeptic of mindfulness to a champion of it.

  3. It’s lockdown again in the UK and I’m inspired by Mike Thompson to try to call one new person a week to keep things fresh.

  4. Have you ever heard people tell you to just be yourself and never change and not really know what it meant?

  5. Herbert Lui has fantastic advice about doing a weekly review to try and reset for the week ahead.

  6. After overcoming some injuries, I’m finally back to yoga this week with the great online offering from MoreYoga (it’s cheap).

  7. Here’s a cute little video of a clever dog who tricks his owner to give you a reason to smile.

Thank you for reading. Every week I’m going to dedicate this to someone and this week it’s to my new baby nephew :)

Have a wonderful day!

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